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One of the few [NYMF] shows that might one day make it off Broadway or on.”


“memorable numbers including a terrific first-act closer ‘Promise Me.” 


“what could be the next Broadway hit.”

"appealing and illuminating songs”... 

“beautifully dynamic and surprisingly catchy score.”


“a new musical soars on the wings of an electric guitar.” 

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"One of the greatest things I've ever heard. This show surpasses the mediocre majority and hits the emotional cords where it counts."

                                               (Jordan Scott Gilbert – Producer, Ghost on Broadway)





“Tess is that kind of glory. Tess is that kind of moving. Tess is the kind of music I want to hear over and over and over again. Tess is the kind of show that entertains, touches and moves me.”

                                                          (Happen to Like New York  - online publication)


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